Legacy Support


How we can Help?

Almost all companies have technical debt. Old products, solutions needing retirement, forgotten gems. These aging beauties are often still cornerstones in process, and we're so reliant on their operation that we don't dare to touch them. This leads to technical debt. Dark Lake Software, through years of experience, can assist you in bringing these old beasts back up to speed and back into your current lifecycle.

Replace the solution

Replace the solution.

We will evaulate the features and benefits of your current solution and design, develop, and implement a replacement.

Sunset The Solution

Sunset The Solution.

Our business and process analysts can assist in retiring old solutions and migrating their functionality to already existing solutions that you have in place.

Renew or Upgrade the solution

Renew or Upgrade the solution.

Sometimes kicking the tires or putting a new set on can bring your solution back to life. Let our anaylsts help.

"Everything is designed, but some things are designed well."

Microsoft Commerce Server Legacy Support

Commerce Server

Over the long history of Commerce Server, it's highs and lows, Dark Lake Software has been there to support our clients.

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Samsung SUR40 Legacy Support

Microsoft Surface/PixelSense/Sur40

Microsoft Surface one of the first and most widely developed Multitouch tables is not longer being produced. Dark Lake Software still supports the original Microsoft Surface Table, and the Samsung SUR40. We also offer options to upgrade your solution to new hardware with minimal rework.

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