Microsoft Commerce Server 2002-2009R2

In 2011 Ascentium purchased Cactus Commerce along with the Microsoft Commerce Server business, they re-branded the software to Ascentium Commerce Server. Eventually becoming CommerceServer.net then being aquired by SiteCore, the last version under Microsoft was released in 2013.

  • Microsoft has no support options available
  • We can not only support, but host Commerce Server
  • Dark Lake offers multiple platform migration options
  • No Longer PCI Compliant
  • Mainstream Support Ended July 8th, 2014.
  • Extended Support ended July 9th, 2019
Microsoft Commerce Server

Site Core Commerce

SiteCore Commerce

SiteCore Commerce was the evolution of Microsoft Commerce Server. Through acquistion and improvement little is left of the original commerce system. View our combined Commerce Server lifecycle matrix here.

  • Limited Support Options Available
  • Upgrade's Difficult and Costly
  • Annual maintenance costs overly burdensome.
  • Throughout evolution, feature reduction occoured.
  • Support offered through Site Core by subscription
  • Customization is difficult to maintain through versions
  • Dark Lake has several CMS/E-Commerce options.

The History of Commerce Server

  • January 2000

    Microsoft Commerce Server 2000

    Microsoft Commerce Server 2000
    The primary feature of Commerce Server is its tight integration with Microsoft’s Internet Information Server and SQL Server. It acts as middleware between the two for the Web sites managed through it. Based on ASP, MSCS2000 consists of 4 major systems. Profiling, Product Catalog, Targeting and Business Process (Orders) System.
  • April 2002

    Microsoft Commerce Server 2002

    Microsoft Commerce Server 2002
    Commerce Server 2002
  • June 2016

    Microsoft Commerce Server 2007

    Commerce Server 2007
  • April 2009

    Commerce Server 2009 & 2009 R2

    Microsoft Commerce Server 2009
  • July 2012

    Ascentium Commerce Server

    Ascentium Commerce Server
  • December 2012

    CommerceServer.NET 10