Bradley is a visionary software developer and leader, renowned for his extensive experience spanning almost 30 years in the tech industry. He began his development journey in the mid-1980s, mastering programming languages on a Compaq 8086 with dual 5.25" floppy drives. Fascinated by the potential of code, Bradley learned programming from books like the Usborne "Practice Your BASIC," which ignited his passion for creating games and logic programs at a young age. By high school, he had already become proficient in Pascal, gaining two years of invaluable experience through the AP program.

Early Career: Silicon Graphics & Beyond
After graduating, Bradley interned and eventually secured a position at Silicon Graphics, where he expanded his programming skills by mastering C and OpenGL. Working on some of the fastest supercomputers and visualization systems of the time, he contributed to projects for prestigious clients like Walt Disney Imagineering, Time Warner Cable, and The Naval Warfare Center.

Parallel Path: Military Service
In 1997, Bradley embarked on a part-time military career with the Florida Army National Guard. He honed his leadership, logistics, and supply chain management skills, later joining the Army Reserves in 2003. Bradley played a pivotal role in homeland defense missions, preparing the Army Reserves for domestic national disasters.

Tech Industry Expertise: Sprint, Federal Express, and Hard Rock International
Throughout his military service, Bradley continued to pursue his passion for software development, working full-time for companies like Sprint, Federal Express, The National Guard Bureau, and Hard Rock International, each offering unique software development opportunities. 

Leading Dark Lake Software
Bradley currently leads Dark Lake Software, where he applies the best practices learned throughout his diverse career. Under his leadership, Dark Lake Software excels in delivering innovative software solutions, leveraging Bradley's unique blend of technical expertise, leadership, and practical experience in the tech industry.

Key Skills and Achievements:
Technical Mastery: Expert in C, OpenGL, Pascal, ERP, EDI, and Interactive Development
Leadership: Over two decades of military leadership and logistics experience
Visionary Leadership: Founder of Dark Lake Software, providing innovative software solutions
Collaborations: Worked on high-profile projects for hundreds of clients around the world.