Dark Lake is pleased to offer development services for Microsoft PixelSense products. PixelSense (formerly Microsoft Surface) is an innovative, interactive touch-screen program. PixelSense is the next generation of kiosk technology, providing the most advanced multimodal display on the market.

What does PixelSense offer?

PixelSense’s unique display improves upon the performance of traditional kiosks in two key ways: the multi-touch experience, and optical glass. The display supports hand and tool contact from multiple users. PixelSense supports it all: Fingers, hands, styluses, brushes, or stamps.

The optical glass technology is a market-leading innovation. The display isn’t just a monitor – it’s a camera that sees and integrates objects onto the screen. Using near-infrared LED lighting for visual recognition and weight and shape sensors embedded in individual pixels, the display makes any input possible for your programming.

Why choose a PixelSense display from Dark Lake?

A PixelSense-enabled Samsung SUR40 display provides a distinctive, dynamic, and engaging platform for clients and users. Attractive presentation, clear navigation, and an intuitive user experience will make your content memorable. Highlight your brand’s cutting-edge approach to consumer engagement by partnering with Dark Lake developers. Make the move to PixelSense today.

To start your PixelSense project, please contact sales@darklakesoftware.com.

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