In this 5-day instructor-led course, students acquire the essential skills necessary to customize many of the key features of CommerceServer.NET's Commerce Server 10 Product.

Hands-on lab exercises provided throughout the course reinforce lecture content and let students gain practical experience designing and implementing customized Commerce Server 10 solutions. Students practice their newly developed skills by performing tasks such as creating and extending products, extending Commerce Server 10's capabilities by building custom projects, extending the existing Commerce Foundation, and developing new features.

Training is conducted in our state of the art Orlando training facility. Students may wish to bring their families along to enjoy some of Orlando's great theme parks and resorts, while the students learn career-building skills. Training is also fully customizable and available onsite, at your location, allowing students to be taught the specific skills needed for their solutions.

Day 1
Course Introduction
Preparing for Commerce Server Installation
Installing and Configuring Commerce Server
Securing Commerce Server Databases
Exercise: Installing and Configuring the Sample Site
Introduction to Business User Tools
Introduction to the Commerce Foundation
Introduction to Legacy API's
Day 2
Working with the catalog
Importing Sample Catalog
Querying the Catalog
Introduction to Virtual Catalogs
Extending the catalog schema
Working with inventory
Introduction to Marketing System
Developing With Discounts
Exercise: Extending Marketing System

Day 3
Introduction to the Profiles System
Securing the Profile System
Extending the Profile System
Introduction to Sequence Components
Best Practices for the Profile System
Exercise: Extend Profile System

Day 4
Introduction to the Orders System
Exercise: Extending the order System
Introduction to Pipeline Development
Exercise: Develop a pipeline component

Day 5
Introduction to Payments
Extending Order System for Payments
Exercise: Creating a Payment Processor
Putting it all together
Open Q&A, your project time

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