Microsoft Commerce Server
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"Effective immediately, Microsoft has transitioned future product development of Commerce Server to its partner Ascentium.

  • Microsoft will not release future versions of Commerce Server, but Commerce Server 2009 R2 will continue to be part of Microsoft’s official price list until July 2012; Ascentium will take responsibility for future versions of the Commerce Server product.
  • Microsoft will continue to honor mainstream and extended support of Commerce Server 2009 through 2014 and 2019, respectively.
  • Both companies are working closely together to facilitate a smooth transition plan with customers."
For many of our customers, this was a scary announcement. At Dark Lake Software, we have been heavily involved with the team at Commerce Server, and we feel the product is more alive then ever. If you'll notice the Commerce Server Road Map link to the left, you'll learn more about its exciting future. 

The company currently at the helm of Commerce Server is CommerceServer.NET. Much of the management and staff at CommerceServer.NET have been working with the product for years, with many coming directly from either Microsoft or from Cactus Commerce, which was the development partner for the product during the 2009 and 2009R2 releases. 

Dark Lake Software has a great deal of experience migrating customers from Microsoft's Commerce Server to the new CommerceServer.NET 10 release, and we will continue to remain current with CommerceServer.NET's aggressive release cycle. We have had excellent feedback from our clients about this changeover and our help in transitioning their businesses. 

We look forward to the future of CommerceServer.NET and to continuing our great relationship with CommerceServer.NET.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this transition or upgrading your current version of commerce server.
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